T.M. Designworks Full Coverage Plastic Skid Plate

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When you've experienced the quality of other T.M. Designworks parts the protection you get from the Full Coverage Plastic Skid Plate is no surprise. While this skid plate boasts an extremely light weight, it is made from heavy-duty, impact resistant nylon composite that T.M. Designworks is known for. With this material, T.M. Designworks can closely conform their skid plate to the contours of your bike, increasing coverage and giving you a surface that slides over rocks instead of sticking to them like some aluminum plates do.

With your frame rails, ignition / oil cover, and water pump side case protected, you won't have to shy away from any trail. And this plate weighs 35% to 40% less than a similar aluminum plates, plus T.M. Deisgnworks' plate doesn't mount with any noisy metal brackets.


  • New hi impact center mounting hardware design
  • Full Coverage skid plate protects the main frame rails, ignition-oil cover & water pump side case area for any type of off road, MX, or Recreational riding you do
  • This is not a lower strength injected molded part
  • Patented forming technique mirrors frame bends for a perfect fit without stress or potential cracks
  • Years of testing proved that a nylon formula & silicone surface in various thicknesses to work best
  • This skid plate is 35-40% lighter than most aluminum parts and is virtually impact resistant
  • Front, middle, and rear mounting hardware is easy to install, lightweight, and strong.
  • All hardware is 100% replaceable
  • TMD's frame mount plastic skids reduce sound unlike aluminum parts that usually increase frame rattle and volume
  • Includes instructions, diagrams, & the necessary special hardware bits to install the plate
  • These plates include oil drain hole & guarantee maximum protection to finish the toughest terrain & eliminate a possible DNF

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov