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A relatively new offering in the moto world from some clever minds in Australia, Steg Pegz are a bolt-on accessory that helps you grip your bike while standing up, thereby reducing arm pump and fatigue, increasing control in difficult terrain, and promotes traction while standing.

The Steg Pegz themselves are deceptively simple. With a lightweight yet strong bracket, a small rubber puck is positioned right behind the calf of your boot. When you stand up on the pegs, the inner/rear section of your boot will rest against the rubber puck, gripping your boot with the puck's rubber texture and partially supporting the rearward weight of your body.

That extra bit of support makes big differences. You'll have an easier time squeezing the bike with your legs, your hands won't have to hold onto the bars to tightly, your back/shoulders won't have to work so hard during acceleration, and you'll have more control over the bike in general whenever you're standing up.


  • Greatly reduced arm pump and fatigue
  • Grip and control with your legs effortlessly
  • Shave seconds off your lap times
  • Make the gnarliest tracks seem easy
  • Creates a seat bounce effect when jumping while standing up
  • Hammer terrain faster than ever thought before
  • Increase rear wheel traction while standing under acceleration
  • Loft the front wheel easily over obstacles
  • Designed and created by 2009 Australian State QLD Motocross Champion Stephen 'Stegz' Smith
  • Lightweight assembly
  • Adjustable rubber puck positioning
  • Easy to install