EBC Contoured Brake Rotor - Rear

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You canu2019t go wrong with EBCu2019s Contoured Rear Brake Rotor when you need incredible amounts of stopping power and braking control.

EBC constructs their Contoured Rotor to bolt up in place of your OEM rotor just like itu2019s stock but provides greatly improved braking power thanks to its construction from heat treated, carbon steel. This type of steel offers increased friction and better heat dissipation compared to competing stainless rotors, which means you get much better response from the brakes and a better lever feel. The unique visual design EBC has designed gives the rotor an aggressive look, but more importantly it reduces heat buildup even under heavy braking.

If you positively need to lock up the rear tire while getting incredible feedback from the levers, snag an EBC Contoured Rear Brake Rotor and ride with confidence.


  • Heat-treated carbon steel construction
  • Can be used with any type of pad
  • Style of rotor may differ from pictured based on model
  • Excellent heat control and dissipation
  • Increased stopping power and lever feel