Braking Race Brake Rotors - KTM

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All rotors are not created equal. Put a Braking Race Front/Rear Brake Rotor on your bike to experience the raw braking power you want.

Braking designs their front/rear rotors with the WAVEu00a8 profile formed into the rotor's heat treated stainless steel material. This high strength material works with Braking's exclusive pattern to create a rotor that utilizes the entire brake pad surface for wicked braking and consistent feedback. The WAVEu00a8 pattern also eliminates the need for excessive lightening holes that can negatively impact heat buildup equaling more strength against warping and expansion to keep your hand happy with a great feeling lever.

A history of performance racing and brake applications prove Braking knows what they're doing, which means you can pick up their Race Front/Rear Brake Rotor's and get the performance and feedback you've always wanted.


  • Internationally licensed WAVEu00a8 pattern
  • Maximum pad contact for tremendous braking power
  • Superior resistance to warping and brake fade
  • Increased handling, lever feedback, and stability
  • Heat treated stainless steel construction

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm