Atlas Guardian Roost Guard

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Extreme conditions require extreme protection, and the Atlas Guardian is up to the task. Unique impact absorbing materials are paired with an airy, shirtless design to provide superior ease of use, breathability, and impact protection all in one ultra high end package.

A shirtless design lends itself to customization. The elbow and shoulder protection is completely modular, meaning you can remove which ever pieces don't suit your style. Don't want elbows on your suit? No problem! A simple tether allows them to be instantly removed.

Extreme sports can put you in dangerous situations, the Guardian helps keep you prepared. The flexible back panel exceeds CE EN1621-2 Level 2 (highest level), but can still conform to your shape and move when you move.

By combining the Guardian with an Atlas Brace, you get a complete upper body system that has been purposely designed to work together. Integration is seamless, user experience is unmatched.

Flexible vacuum molded shoulder and elbow caps provide extra protection for those inevitable injuries than come with sliding along the ground. Whether it's over dirt, rocks, or through trees the Guardian has you covered.

By eliminating hard plastic surfaces and using soft compression molded foam construction, the Guardian naturally conforms to your body shape over time. The more you use it, the better it fits.

Flexible side wrap is made from compression molded EVA foam, offering the comfort and mobility needed to perform at the highest level. A built in elastic extension can be used if needed, and it automatically retracts if not in use.

With 12 points of adjustment, the Guardian can be tailored to fit a wide range of body types, sizes, and personal preference.

Built with options in mind, the Guardian's ultra slim profile is designed to be worn under or over a jersey. The shirtless design helps prevent additional heat build up by removing an extra layer of clothing from the equation.

Built in straps help you seamlessly integrate your Atlas Brace with the Guardian.