Atlas Defender Roost Deflector

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  • Purpose Built - The Defender design incorporates unique fit, function, and adjustment based around the features of Atlas' brace family.
  • Modular - Interchangeable parts and straps allow for 8 unique configurations that can be worn with or without a neck brace, over or under a jersey, and in both full or front only versions.
  • Waterproof - High performance foam is lightweight, tough, comfortable, and waterproof. No more added water weight, or damp feeling after washing.
  • The Defender is available in one adult size, and is the perfect additions to any brace.
  • Catch it all on film - Each Atlas Defender comes with a GoPro camera chest mount. Bolt this optional mount directly to your Defender along with your own GoPro camera to get a perfect view of your riding, racing, or other extreme sports activity. (Camera not included).
  • One size fits most.