Allsport Dynamics Imc Lacer Wrist Brace

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If you've already had a wrist injury or are trying to prevent one, the Allsport Dynamics IMC Lacer Wrist Brace is one of the best options for keeping your wrist healthy without limiting your riding ability. The Lacer is able to do both because of its unique design that uses anatomically located hinges for natural movement and range limiting stops that keep your wrist from being pushed into hyperextension. These hinges are bi-axial, meaning they allow for up, down, and side to side wrist movement, and they work so well that many riders say they forget the braces are even on.

The design and straps of the brace leave the palm open for the least amount of grip interference, and Allsport Dynamics even offers a service where they will permanently attach your riding gloves to the brace almost making it a slip-on entry. High-strength composite gives the brace a rigid, strong framework to support your wrist, and it's also where the range-liming extension stop mounts, meaning your wrist will have a distinct and consistent stopping point when it's being pushed back. These features work together to keep your wrist in good shape and they're also what make the IMC Lacer one of the best wrist braces for MX, enduro, and most kinds of riding.


  • Constructed of injection molded, high-strength composite material.
  • Easy pull strap configuration makes application easy, quick and comfortable.
  • Liner is constructed from high-grade, open cell foam and in ergonomically shaped for fit and comfort.
  • Bi-axial, articulating hinge provides a controlled and anatomically accurate movement of the wrist.
  • Unique, open palm design is minimally invasive and limits obstruction of patients grip.
  • Application: Wrist - Acute, Rehab, Long-Term, Prevention.
  • Comes with 0, 20, and 40 degree extension stops. With no extension stop installed, the brace will stop at 60 degrees.